Situated where Dividing Creek opens into the Chesapeake Bay, the A-Ibañez Art Center offers up its safe and tranquil space to creatives coming out of “winter”. As the holding pattern of Winter eases out, the Spring Peeper Frogs are some of the first creatures to come out of hibernation and their calls echo across the fields ushering in new growth. We understand that the creative process also involves periods of rest which can feel barren and cold. This residency is meant to provide open space and time to settle into that pause understanding that the work is still being done under the surface. Spring comes eventually and by allowing the respite you will have the energy to call out like the Peepers.

Who is the residency for?

Where will I stay?

What makes this unique?


To support creatives through the lens of our natural environment, utilizing a structure that parallels natural cycles of growth and change. 


We aim to be medicine for our ecosystem, developing programming that is regenerative to the human and nonhuman by prioritizing reciprocal growth. We have an abundance of space and time to offer towards educational, artistic, and ecological programming. 

Equity Statement 

I, Delia Ibanez, acknowledge that identities are not boxed in categories, but rather sliding points on a web. While that geometry provides strength, like in the translucent threads of a spider, it has been desecrated by the confines of White Supremacy. I am wrapped in complex layers of oppressed and oppressor, walking in the world with privilege due to the way I am perceived living in a queer, enby, latin body that presents as cis, white, able, and straight. I am committed to a lifetime of learning, knowing that to effectively share the wealth of knowledge of my ancestors, in their strengths and in their faults I must be ready to be changed by my community – to step aside and use my platform to uplift the complex, entangled, beautifully messy web of you, I, and us. I believe to step forward in true progress we need to listen to those indigenous to our lands, those with various disabilities, those who give life and love in all forms.

Who is this for? 

This open call is for artists and creatives of any media and discipline, who are in an artistic winter. What could that mean? 

Perhaps you are: 

  • An emerging artist searching for a safe place to figure out your process before diving deeply into the working artist world
  • An established artist at a pause or shift in your career and need space and time to reevaluate and be curious
  • A person who hasn’t considered yourself creative before, but wants to lean into that world
  • An advocate or organizer hoping to find new, creative ways to communicate your message

Or, any other way that you may relate to ideas of winter, gestation, hibernation, the underground work before the burst of growth. This space can and should be accessible to you, regardless of who you are and what your background is. We would love to be in conversation about how to do that and balance the needs of those interested in participation. View Delia’s Equity Statement Above. 

This program prioritizes proposals from 2SLGBT+, BIPOC, and Disabled Communities.

If none of these ideas feel fitting to you, but you would still like to visit you are welcome to rent the housing accommodation at other times of the year on Airbnb

Duration of residency

Residencies are self-directed, and can last 2 weeks or 3 weeks


As this is a self-directed residency,  there are no expectations towards the resident to produce. We invite the creative to present or share with the community at a closing reception towards the end of their stay, but what that offering is can be formulated during the residency with assistance from Delia Ibanez. Upon selection to the residency Delia can suggest some options for activities and you can arrange a schedule together if that level of structure is desired. We merely hope that our space can provide a change of pace and will aid in your process of creativity and experimentation.

A large bright room with wooden floor and paintings on the walls, the far wall is dark blue and has a stair case

A 3-BEDROOM, 2 Bath, two story house with over 1,800 sq. in the Balls Neck area. Double panoramic decks, nonsmoking, no pets (allergy friendly). The front deck has a picnic table.

This spacious house has a master bedroom with a private bath located on the first floor. With a Queen-sized bed, walk-in closet. Access to the front and back doors require climbing steps.

The second and third bedrooms on the second floor have 2 twin beds and they share the second full bathroom. Laminate flooring in the family room and bedrooms, vinyl in the kitchen, and vinyl tile in the bathrooms over the raised floor of the house.

In the family room we’ve provided a smart TV with a DVD player and wifi. The kitchen is fully equipped. Some seasonings and condiments, coffee, tea. There are six (6) chairs, a dining table, and three (3) stool bar chairs. Unit has a washer & dryer. 

We rotate the furniture in the house to be suitable for meetings, classes, events, art, music, and poetry shows. This room can double as a studio space and has wonderful acoustics with the high ceilings. Natural light comes in from the skylights and large front windows and glass doors.

Behind the bnb you have vistas of the forest and field where barley, wheat, and soy are grown. This is a popular spot for white tailed deer at twilight.

Open room with large paintings on the walls and chairs in the middle

The downstairs space of the family’s house down the driveway features the Kalevala Gallery which doubles as an additional guest room and an open multipurpose space with laminate flooring on top of concrete.

The space features a cozy sitting area in front of the pseudo-fire place, a kitchenette (mini-refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker and sink), laundry -accessible to guests of the Kalevala room-,

An open floor space (13’x20′) for rehearsal, and two work tables.

Boxes with pastel and charcoal artworks by Alvaro Ibañez are open for viewing.

Chairs are available for meetings of up to 12 people.

We have a variety of artistic tools and materials used within our own practice on the premises; communicate ahead of time with a material list and we can see what we can provide and direct you where to find the rest locally. Technology such as a smart tv, hdmi cords, short throw projector, speaker can be signed out with Delia.

Why Here?

The property is a family home, farm, artist compound, and office more than 20 years in the making. We lovingly call it the Promised Land because people in the area make promises and don’t follow through, but also because we have promised ourselves to keep going anyway. Each of us living here has given up on the space and the community at one point or another, but the unique Chesapeake Bay environment, the space and tranquility, couldn’t be replaced. Our family had to become snowbirds and winter for a while in Arizona before we could come back energized and ready to push forward. We can relate with the feelings of stagnancy that can be such a big part of the creative experience. When you visit us you see our individual and joined arts endeavors and curiosities sporulating throughout the fields and forests. 

Your main point of contact throughout the Residency will be Delia Denise Ibañez.

Delia is the Residency and Programming Coordinator and all administrative, scheduling, and housing related questions can be directed to them. They will help arrange any community engagement or presentation related activities during the residency. 

Delia also has a very multidisciplinary creative practice and is a resource for conversation, feedback, and creative prompts. Delia grew up in this community and their creative practice is shaped by the landscape, their identities as the child of a Colombian painter and Coloradan writer, living in a queer latin body that presents as cis, white, able, and straight. They write, dance, paint, make beaded and clay jewelry, crochet, and garden.

Delia - white person with arms up grasping the branch of a tree with darkg reen leaves. Wearing an olive sleeveless shirt and a white and yellow bandana in their hair

dark grey background - woman with red sweater and colorful shirt, blue white and orange earringsDenise DeVries is the Writer, Storyteller, Facilitator, Linguist, Wife, and Mother.

All things language are of interest to Denise whose historical fiction novels you will find in the gallery and studio. She is becoming an aficionado of the history of the Northern Neck, and can be a great connection for finding out more about this community and its past. 

man in a hat with a white beard and gray moutsache. wearing a hatAlvaro Ibanez is the originator of the dream. Back in 1998 he was imagining a compound full of housing for artists and a large gallery space to show his 300+ paintings since immigrating to the United States chronologically. 

You can see and hear his stories through oil paintings, pastels, murals, and sculpture all over the property.