Rare Sea

Creation Workbook

by Delia Denise Ibañez

ISBN: 979-8-9862757-0-3

Self Published

Sold at Palabras Bookstore


Rare Sea: Creation Workbook is a product of the Author’s research into creation mythology from around the world in order to utilize those ideas in the creative process. Myths, both spiritual and scientific have always been a source of interest for Delia, and finding the commonalities across the ways humans understand the universe made a lot of tasks feel more possible. Common ideas within said myths: eggs, clay, and nothingness inspired a set of creative prompts. These prompts have been tested with musicians, writers, dancers, painters, and graphic designers. Between the lines of the creative prompts are essays/personal manifestos on process.

Delia Ibañez came into writing as a way to contextualize their creative process as a painter, poet, dancer, and programming coordinator of their family Art Center. A central goal of the center is to uplift those who question their creativity and artistry. Writing these prompts was extremely helpful for Delia.