Artist Statement:

I aspire to facilitate spaces that allow people to connect and find community, especially welcoming voices that are often not given space, by creating systems of reciprocal support, and replicating the cycles of balance already prevalent in the natural world.

In my artistic, activist, and administrative work I aim to develop relationships and support systems that parallel our ecosystems and honor both the human and nonhuman ancestors (my tatarabuela Juana Porras being just as influential to me as the tree that birthed the pollen that proliferates my respiratory system each spring)

Culture is imbued in the materials I use to create work. I am inspired by recipes passed down in my family and how the lands of my ancestors influenced those foods. For instance, I might use the words written in a recipe as a movement generation tool, or paint a particular dish that takes me on an emotional journey.

I create dance and film in the fields and forests of AIM’s property, and visual art, jewelry, and recipes using materials foraged from the same forest. I also model my process on relationships I see at home such as fungi and algae forming lichen, or violets huddling in the shade of crepe myrtle trees. This shows up in how I build relationship with artists, focusing on finding our “ecological niche” or creating systems that leverage each collaborator’s gifts rather than focusing on deficits or competition.


Delia Ibañez is a place-based interdisciplinary media and performing artivist, workshop guide, and administrator.With a BA in Performance and Movement and certification in Socially Engaged Practice in Design and the Arts from Arizona State University, Delia utilizes the arts as a way to encourage critical thinking and relationship building. 

Delia’ artistic education began with dancing at age three, and by nine years old she was dancing with the company of the Latin Ballet of Virginia in Richmond. Meanwhile, she acted in community theater productions after years of arranging shows at her father’s gallery openings.

As the daughter of Alvaro Ibañez, a Colombian-born visual artist and graphic designer, and Denise DeVries, a writer and translator, Delia gained the family value for supporting access to the arts in rural communities. This upraising also allowed her to prioritize an interdisciplinary practice combining dance, language, and visual and media design elements to create immersive and interactive reflective experiences. The family company, A-Ibañez Art Design, Inc. is based in Kilmarnock boasting art openings, poetry readings, a bed and breakfast, and artist retreats.

Delia is now collaborating with Grey Box Collective, Safos Dance Theater, and Ruby Morales while working independently on stories, workshops, and installations relating to ancestry and connection to earth. 

To find out more about Delia Ibañez’s work visit her portfolio page